Removing unsightly visuals is our specialty, Regency will restore your walls or pathways to their original state.

Regency provides an efficient and robust graffiti removals service that will leave your premises aesthetically appealing. Our graffiti removals experts can manage all types of graffiti even the stubborn ones. They use specialist equipment and tools, methods, and techniques to eliminate the presence of graffiti from a wide range of buildings and surfaces including pathways, driveways, and walls.

We also offer chewing gum removals for all types of surfaces including carpets. Our cleaning professionals have the skills and experience to remove chewing gum from all types of services without a trace.
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The eco friendly solution to unsightly graffiti removal in public places, dustless blasting. Using dustless blasting to completely remove the unwanted graphics leaves the original surface intact, uses no harmful chemicals and leaves nearby trees and plants unharmed. Besides graffiti removal, the equipment can be used for concrete and masonry restoration and the removal of the likes of grease and oil from road surfaces. Here an operator removes graffiti sprayed by aerosol onto a pavement.
Simulation scenario of chewing gum on the floor, Stick with sneakers.
power washing the wall - cleaning the facade of the house
A modern litter problem - chewing gum discarded on a pavement.