Regency offers an in-depth and quality high-level cleaning service that will leave the interior and exterior of your premises in immaculate and safe conditions for your staff, visitors, and client.

Cleaning at heights is not an easy task as it poses a lot of danger for the workers. It is therefore imperative that workers are thoroughly trained, have a clear understanding of the health and safety procedures, and are provided with the appropriate support, equipment, tools, and insurance to help them carry out the job effectively, safely, and legally.

The safety of our operatives is of utmost importance to us, that is why we strictly adhere to the health and safety guidelines and ensure that our operatives are equipped with the correct tools and equipment that will allow them to do carryout the job successfully and promptly.
We possess various specialist equipment that enables us to thoroughly clean all required areas and to the highest possible standards. These include long poles as well as ladders, sky vacs, access platforms, and more.

When conducting any high-level cleaning we always visit the site to inspect it to provide an accurate quotation, determine the equipment and tools needed and complete a risk assessment. Regency is fully equipped to manage all types of high-level cleaning both external and internal. We offer bespoke packages and work around you and your needs. Our priority is to accommodate you.

Our external cleaning consists of window cleaning, gutter cleaning, cladding, roofing, and signage cleaning to name a few. Our internal cleaning comprises ceiling cleaning, lightening and ventilation cleaning, walls, and more. While cleaning these areas our operatives simultaneously keep an eye out for any areas that may require your immediate attention such as leaks or cracks.

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[Our services are available to all kinds of premises and facilities including warehouses, factories, retail outlets, leisure complexes, community centres and places of worship, apartments, offices, distribution centres, historic buildings, and more].

Half finished washing of rooftop from dirt and lichen. Professional is using special equipment to remove dirt from roof tiles.
A male hand is cleaning a house roof eave copper rain gutter which is filled with plant debris and some growing plants. Some water has accumulated in the gutter and moss is growing on the background shingles.
"Window cleaner using the water fed pole system, also called reach and wash."
Forklift truck loader. Huge distribution warehouse with high shelves background.